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Monday, 01 October 2007 13:58

A snap shot to the Geography of Absinthe

Absinthe was first distilled in the small town of Couvet in the beautiful Val-de-Travers region of Switzerland more than a century ago and, shortly after, through the adjoining hills in the historic town of Pontarlier, France. Production took off throughout France, where at its height was enjoyed by hundreds of thousands before disappearing in the early 20th century… The late 1990's saw the beginning of the modern absinthe revival with production initially starting in the heart of Bohemia in the Czech Republic. (For more details on the history of absinthe and how it has been born again visit our timeline or 'Absinthe Today')

La Fée Absinthe Parisienne –  Absinthe Supérieure, distilled in Bourgoin-Jallet, France

La Fée Absinthe Blanche - Absinthe Supérieure, distilled in Bourgoin-Jallet, France

La Fée Absinthe X•S Française – Extra Supérieure, Pontarlier, France

La Fée Absinthe X• S Suisse – Extra Supérieure, Couvet, Val-de-Travers, Switzerland.

La Fée Absinth Bohemian - A Bohemian style Absinth, France.


La Fée's distilling and bottling operations:  1. Paris  2. Pontarlier  3. Couvet  4. Bourgoin-Jallet

Currently La Fée is sold in over 30 countries world wide with distribution from our Paris and New Jersey bonded warehouses. For distribution enquires please contact us.

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