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1998: First approval for absinthe in Europe PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 31 March 2011 10:49

In 1998 the first laboratory tests linking thujone to absinthe were performed.  Drafted by George Rowley, using the EEC Directive [88/388/EEC 442 & 443], the tests were carried out at the EU approved University of Prague VSCHT Chemical & Technical department.    Rowley had to import rare chemical compounds from the USA - including thujone itself, as the laboratories contacted in Europe were lacking these key compounds.  Signed and stamped by UK trading standards; this set the precedent for absinthe in Europe and beyond.  This document has been censored.



Page 1:  Note EEC Council Directive 88/388/EEC [442 & 443]


Page 2



Page 3:  Note testing for quality of alcohol



Page 4:  Note document signed and stampedby UK Trading Standards, Prague University & George Rowley (Bohemia Beer House T/A BBH Spirits Ltd.)

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