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Centenary of the French Absinthe ban 1915 - 2015
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Friday, 09 January 2015 12:27

This famous poster shows the Green Fairy being burnt at the stake in France, whilst her Swiss sister looks down from above, having suffered the same fate in 1910

This week saw the centenary of France's ban on Absinthe; the government unsurprisingly thought that overconsumption wouldn't help the war effort.  Believe it or not, Russia also banned the sale of Vodka at the outbreak of the 1st World War, but this lasted only 11 years instead of the 97 years of the Absinthe ban.  The temperance movement and French wine producers were delighted by the banning of the "Green Curse".  In dramatic posters from 1915, the Green Fairy is shown burning at the stake, while across the Swiss border her sister looks down from above having suffered a similar fate.  Thanks to La Fée's work in the late nineties, we can all once again enjoy the delights of the Green Fairy - why not celebrate with one of our fine absinthes!?

Read the full story of La Fée's absinthe revival here.

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The Best of 2014
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 24 December 2014 09:35

Our highlights of 2014 include tours of Australia and the middle-east, delicious new cocktail creations from top bartenders, a host of respected awards and Marie-Claude Delahaye's new Absinthe Museum blog.  We kick things off with the awards...

Absinthiades 2014

Having not entered the Absinthiades for a few years, we were so happy to receive silver awards for each of our Absinthe Supérieure offerings - La Fée Parisienne & La Fée Blanche.

Historically our X•S range would steal the show, with gold and silver medals awarded in 2007, 2008 and 2009, so to win such accolades with our premium range is a real sign of their quality. They were the highest awarded of any international brand at this year's event.

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Correction: Absinthe is best!
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 23 December 2014 10:45

What's the perfect spirit for flaming your Christmas pudding this year?

An article in yesterday's Times newspaper stated that the strongest spirit you could purchase from Fortnum & Mason is a particular vodka, at 54% abv.  It is, in fact, La Fée Parisienne, at 68%abv!  When it comes to flaming your Christmas pudding, it's not just the strength of alcohol that helps: the warming spices and herbal aromas of La Fée Absinthe really compliment the bold, fruity and delicious traditional dessert.

Fortnum's now stock the new La Fée Tasting Sets (in store, RRP £14.50), which include a miniature of both La Fée Parisienne & La Fée Blanche, as well as a traditional serving spoon: Enough to flame your pud' (we recommend using Parisienne) and then enjoy a couple of glasses in the traditional manner.

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