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Wednesday, 25 June 2014 11:17

The UAE is made up of 7 emirates including Abu Dhabi (the largest) which holds the presidency and Dubai which is the main transit and visitor destination. These areas are receiving much investment including the building of the Louvre Abu Dhabi (Dec 2015) and Guggenheim Abu Dhabi (2017) as well as resorts the size of small cities.

Flying out of Heathrow T3, it was a pleasure to see La Fée in Duty Free and a passenger having just purchased, a good omen for my trip… On landing at Dubai, La Fée was also in the Duty Free landing and departure stores.

MMI Bar Academy run by Nick Ord and Rebecca Sturt


La Fée at Duty Free, T3 Heathrow London

I landed in Dubai on Sunday to a city greatly changed since my last visit, with huge development and multiple sky scrapers, though one out shines them all - the  Burj Khalifa

La Fée Sour at A.T.MOSPHERE in Burj Khalifa

I started with several intimate bar trainings at the amazingly cool Qbara at The Fort Complex Wafi City followed by the slick GQ Bar at JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, Dubai. 

The Absinthe Master Classes lasted up to two hours - Covering the herbs and spices, history, rise and fall and the revival we started in 1998 and the return of La Fée with the  French Absinthe Museum. Also covering distilling methods / natural colouration through maceration and classic serves and some amazing cocktails from past and present with questions answered throughout.

Mercantile Martime International (MMI) the main spirits carrier for the region, invited me to their highly professional Bar Academy MMI expertly run by Nick Ord and Rebecca Sturt - with over 75 people in attendance from the Dubai Bars scene. A great facility supporting clients and clearly leading the way to greater education across the drinks category for the industry in the region.


MMI Bar Academy, Dubai - La Fée Masterclass Training

We also visited several retailers from MMI and Barracuda further inland.

That evening we ended up in the exclusive Atmosphere Lounge Bar (highest in the world) alighting on the 123rd floor of the Burj Khalifa to drink La Fée and watch the sunset. Jacob Yamac and his team looked after us, making an inspiring La Fée A.T.MOSPHERE Sour: 60ml La Fée Parisienne; 15ml Sugar Syrup; 25ml fresh Lemon juice and a dash of  Peychaud's bitters; shaken and dressed with a cherry and lemon slice.  We had a fair few that night - the other Dubai skyscrapers looked like a cityscape laid at your feet. 

La Fée A.T.MOSPHERE Sour : by Girgis Soliman

The following day we travelled west along the cost to Abu Dhabi (humidity high and 40ºC+) visiting Spinneys distribution to educate around 20 of their team - again with lovely facilities and a high interest in Absinthe.

Spinney's HQ Training kindly organised by Phil Williams

This was followed by a training at the fabulously opulent Pearls & Caviar, Shangri-La, and then across to Turquoiz Beach & Lounge at St Regis  with its white sands beach bar, restaurant and lounge.  This event was also attended by their Head Chef Kevin Fleming, expressing interest in La Fée as an ingredient for fine dining.

Training at Pearls & Caviar

That evening we were invited to stay for lady's night and continue our education to the guests with such delights as the classic serve and cocktails such as The Flying Frenchman.

Our next scheduled Master Class Tour is to Australia, featuring Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.



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