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Thursday, 12 July 2007 01:00



LONDON , ENGLAND Thursday 12th July, 2007: La Fée Absinthe is once again set to arrive in the USA, this time at the ‘Tales of The Cocktail’ in New Orleans. The world’s leading absinthe brand and its charismatic British founder and owner George Rowley, 42, the man responsible for absinthe’s European and global revival over the past decade, will be attending the week-long Tales of the Cocktail festival from 18 th-22nd July, 2007.

The La Fée Absinthe Range

The La Fée absinthe spirits range, sold internationally, now includes four true absinthes distilled in three different countries – from France (Paris and Pontarlier), the Czech Republic (South Bohemia), and Switzerland (Couvet) - and is sold in over seventeen countries. Each absinthe is distilled to a historical recipe in its country of origin, which accurately reflects national provenance, authenticity and quality. Full details are attached of the exciting La Fée Absinthe range including La Fée Parisienne, La Fée Bohemian and the new La Fée XS range.

The cool, stylish brand La Fée with its striking “eye” logo is already a favourite with American celebrities and Americans abroad. Rowley’s first absinthe customer EVER was US actor Johnny Depp – back in 1998 while filming ‘Sleepy Hollow’ in Hertfordshire he sent his limo into the depths of the English countryside to Rowley’s secret headquarters to collect a bottle, which he then went on to drink with Hunter S. Thomson while they discussed Thomson’s famous movie ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’!

Classified by online encyclopaedia Wikipedia as the “British entrepreneur” and absinthe expert responsible for the global absinthe revival from 1998”, a movement he started from Britain some ten years ago, Rowley owns both La Fée Absinthe, and also the world’s first online absinthe store, which he created at the same time.

A former Lloyd’s Insurance Broker, he first developed an interest and passion for absinthe while based as a consultant in Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, in the early 1990’s. On his return to the UK he began importing and selling premium Czech lager, but turned his attention to absinthe and creating a premium range of historically accurate absinthes, which he has developed and marketed internationally for the past decade.

George Rowley created La Fée Absinthe to a traditional 19 th Century recipe with the world’s foremost absinthe expert Marie-Claude Delahaye, owner and curator of the Musée de l’Absinthe, Auvers sur Oise, near Paris. La Fée is the only absinthe to be authenticated by the Museum and became the first French absinthe to be distilled in France and commercially available since the French absinthe ban of 1915. La Fée has been opening up the absinthe market across the globe since 1998, in countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Italy, the Caribbean and South East Asia, including Thailand and most recently Singapore. La Fée’s next exciting market is due to be the USA!

George Rowley: Philosophy on Absinthe Education

Rowley sees absinthe education as crucial to the enjoyment and success of this exciting spirits category:

“Absinthe was at its height between 1890-1915, when it played a crucial part in the development of cocktail culture and café culture at the turn of the 20 th century, and consumers need to know what absinthe truly is and should be, and to understand the correct serving ritual for this historic drink, which differs between Switzerland, France and the Czech Republic.”

“We feel we are guardians of the absinthe category, and are looking to develop it responsibly. People need to understand that La Fée is an established premium brand which consumers can trust, and that it will deliver on provenance, authenticity and quality. For the past ten years I have been successfully building La Fée internationally, based on these key elements.”

“It is no accident that for the past ten years we have been the first port of call for many American A-list celebrities who choose La Fée to provide VIP absinthe bars for their private parties when they are in London!”

“We have a philosophy of working very closely with the drinks industry to ensure that absinthe is accurately served and appreciated. Education to the bar industry, mixologists and buyers is key, as they are the guardians of absinthe’s fascinating history and information – they can ensure absinthe is enjoyed as it truly should be and as it was in the past by famous artists and writers such as Vincent van Gogh, Toulouse Lautrec, Picasso, Oscar Wilde and Ernest Hemingway!”

La Fée’s International Success:

La Fée in London and the UK

La Fée is listed in over 1000 innovative bars and style bars, famous department stores such as Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, nationwide at Europe’s largest supermarket chain Tesco, and at airport duty-free shops such as London Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Manchester Airports. La Fée Absinthe tastings are also one of the most popular tourist attractions at Vinopolis, London’s unique wine tasting attraction, where a beautifully illustrated La Fée Absinthe timeline situated behind the La Fée absinthe bar charts the fascinating history of absinthe from biblical times to the modern day.

La Fée in Italy

La Fée is popular in bars, clubs and restaurants across Italy including Rome and Milan where Italians like to serve it as an after-dinner digestif in hot black coffee as a caffe corretto. Italians love the flavour and strength of the drink and Italian men are increasingly lacing their after-dinner coffee with La Fée Absinthe rather than grappa or sambucca! Sales in Italy remain exceptionally strong.

La Fée’s Popularity with US Citizens

La Fée is already very popular with American citizens abroad and numerous American celebrities, and it is expected that the brand will become the absinthe of choice throughout the USA, just as it is becoming so internationally.

La Fée in New Orleans

In honour of Ernest Hemingway’s famous connection with absinthe, George Rowley will be greeting potential US distributors, bar and restaurant owners and the media in the appropriately-named Ernest Hemingway Penthouse suite of the famous Monteleone Hotel in New Orleans from 18 th-22 nd July, where he will be giving a series of talks on the international return of absinthe led by La Fée.

To Order La Fée Absinthe online:

To see more about La Fée Absinthe or order La Fée or absinthe-related gifts, please visit the website at . La Fée can be giftwrapped and despatched worldwide by international courier.

To attend a La Fée Absinthe Tutorial and meet George Rowley in New Orleans from 18 th-22 nd July, 2007 or at future dates across the USA, please contact La Fée’s UK office on +44 1992 511445 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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